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Light is an integral and important part of the life for any person. From the quality and intensity of the light depends not only work, but also health and working efficiency so it`s very important to choice high quality light bulbs. Osram company is a world leader manufacture in lighting equipment. The scope of the company includes production from the individual light components to full electronic devices. In everyday life, Osram lamp has long been a convenient and indispensable source of artificial light, they used in homes, offices, industrial buildings, shops, on the streets, in cars, etc. Internet shop Lampa.lv offers all for internal and external lighting. Lamps, Halogen Bulbs, Energy Saving Bulbs, Auto Bulbs, Wall Lamps, Ceiling Lamps, Projectors, Floor Lamps, Light Timers, Light Starters, Light Power Calculators, Light Controllers, Light Dimmers, Connectors,Light Adapters,Amplifiers,Light Detectors, Light Switches with delivery all over the world.