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New Bulbs

Received cargo with GE bulbs.

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Color Temperature by Application

Christmas LED Decoration

New Year is the most magical and joyful holiday. What is the secret of its unique atmosphere, and why we associate it with the best moments, bright hopes and dreams? Perhaps the answer lies in a special atmosphere that creates indispensable attributes of the New Year - the shimmering multicolored Christmas tree lights, beautiful Christmas toys, all kinds of garlands, gifts and, of course, gifts. Un the December 31 eve, each trying to decorate their home, choosing the wonderful Christmas balls, candles or the original spruce composition. And it was not necessary to make out the room in a hurry, it is better to think about Christmas decor in advance and make a reservation. In our online store are Christmas decorations for all tastes, for the houses, offices, shops, and even streets.

LED Blossom Flowers

LED trees, it is one of the best options for decorating the streets and buildings. Especially popular LED trees become Christmas and New Year period. Bright and beautiful trees is a great way to attract customers to your store because they show a special festive atmosphere. Trees and shrubs with LEDs are easy to assemble and they are frost resistant, so they can be safely placed on the street. We offer a wide range and excellent quality that will delight you for several years.

Christmas Projector from Shada

Laser Projector is perfect for decoration of home parties, it is easy to handle, has a
multiple speeds and running on the remote. The portable laser projector creates amazing
dynamic starry sky on any wall or ceiling. Home laser installations will decorate your room
with thousands of stars and drawings with a stunning effect. Star projections are constantly changing and are converted, like a real vselennnaya. Laser projector is a perfect gift for both adults and for child and provide a lot of positive moments. In the pre-Christmas time, the laser projector will create a special festive atmosphere, you will be able to create a beautiful and spectacular show right in your apartment, in a country house, in a café, in the office, shop or club!

Electric heaters from Thermor.

Lampa.lv not only illuminates but also warms! In our online store appeared qualitative electric heaters from company Thermor.

Lightining museum of Rainis and Aspasia

Lampa.lv established high-quality lighting in the museum of Rainis and Aspasia at Jurmala. To create a unique light atmosphere were used LEDc4 and SECOM lamps and LED tape iLight.

Quality Ligting

Light - an integral part of our lives. Because of what they see, we perceive the world around us. We can observe what is happening around us as the rain, as the children play, the sun is shining, the flowers bloom. In addition, good lighting is necessary for work, school, class household chores. Therefore, high-quality lighting our homes, apartments, offices and public buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and streets - is the most important aspect of everyone's life.

Thorn Lighting

Internet Shop Lampa.lv represents Thorn Lighting company in the Latvian market. Here you can order the external and internal lighting from Thorn Lighting at competitive prices and fast delivery. To get advice, find out about product availability or make a reservation, call us at (+371) 22084444 or write to e-mail [email protected]

Outdoor Lightening from Norlys

NORLYS - Scandinavian company with 50 years of history, which designs and manufactures professional equipment for outdoor lighting: wall and ceiling lights, street, garden and park lights. NORLYS Products widest range has different models in classical and contemporary style, with impeccable design, functionality, safety and excellent quality. 

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