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The well-known brand is in demand in various industries, including industry and private use. A wide range of offerings and affordable price distinguishes the offerings of the ABB group. You can find the right lighting with regard to the characteristics on the website of the official distributor of the products in the Baltic States.

Electrical equipment from ABB wholesale at

The equipment manufacturer has received its share of attention from builders, installers and other specialists. The company contributed to the promotion of goods slowly but steadily. Today, ABB brand enjoys a reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier of lighting products.

Customers who want to make a wholesale order, trust it to The range has a lot of equipment that will come in handy during work. The terms of the deal are also attractive, profitability:

  • registration of a personal account on the platform will allow you to get advice from a manager;
  • new and regular customers receive additional discounts and participate in promotions;
  • shipment of orders is additionally discussed, and customers can postpone their shipment as they wish.

The search for ABB online products is carried out by using filters. Goods are divided into categories based on characteristics. Exploring the available options is easy on the distributor's website. 

ABB Company product catalog at wholesale prices in Latvia 

Access to the ABB catalog will not cause any problems. It's enough to choose a brand on the main page and open the available list of offers. Here, the following product categories are waiting for the buyers:

  • plastic boxes;
  • automation elements;
  • timers;
  • outlets;
  • ABB automatics.

The rest of the assortment is available on the supplier's website. The distributor offers a wide range of equipment at an affordable price and with personal discounts.

How to order online ABB products at wholesale and get a personal discount?

Ordering the goods of the manufacturer ABB company at wholesale prices is available to stores, sellers of electrical goods and other legal entities throughout Europe. To get a personal offer with a discount is very simple: all you have to do is to register an account according to a given algorithm:

  • sending a request to create an account;
  • communication with the manager to clarify the requirements and expectations;
  • completing the checkout and getting discounts.

It is possible to place an order in a few clicks and get any product of this brand. In the catalog it is recommended to set the filter "Is in stock" (and it is 5000 sq.m.) and explore the assortment. Adding items to the cart, the system makes a preliminary calculation.

Price, delivery and shipping time is discussed individually. Prepayment should be made immediately at the first order, and repeat purchases allow you to get a delay (15-60 days), depending on conditions. Shipment is possible both immediately after payment and by arrangement.

The selected ABB ab can be stored in the warehouse. For this, you need to discuss the possibility with the manager. Shipment after reaching a certain size will help save money on shipping. Retail orders are considered on an individual basis. Get more information from the manager.


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