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Fluorescent Tubes

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Lighting is a topic that is relevant at all times. It determines the comfort of the room, the effect of light on the eyes, and, therefore, the level of performance. Fluorescent lamps are now widely popular. They are durable, economical, characterized by low heat generation and a large spectrum of light shades. It is the best option for the following objects:

  • supermarkets, shopping centers;
  • parking lots, gas stations, car washes, service centers;
  • educational institutions;
  • medical offices, hospitals, health centers;
  • administrative buildings;
  • industrial premises;
  • hotels, catering establishments;
  • street lighting of buildings and shop windows.

Efficient products are used to illuminate lightboxes, luminous advertising panels, tables, walls, and pendant lamps of various designs and constructions.

Selecting a fluorescent tube for a lamp – what to look out for

Fluorescent lamps are the most common light source for lamps used in the office and household. 

If you need to replace the lamp in the light fixture, first check which models will fit. The type and parameters of suitable sources, as a rule, are indicated in the instructions of the lighting device. Otherwise, you can remove the old bulb, check the markings, and buy a new one with similar parameters.

The type of base and bulb dimensions determine the compatibility of the luminaire and lamp. 

In order to maximize the effect of the lighting fixtures, all essential parameters should be considered:

  • Power – it characterizes primarily the power consumption and indirectly the intensity of luminescence, which largely depends on the applied production technology;
  • The higher the luminous flux (measured in lumens), the larger the area the lamp can illuminate;
  • A lamp with good color rendering can make colors brighter and more saturated, visually changing the familiar environment;
  • Color temperature determines the emotional background, comfort of staying in a room with artificial light, the level of efficiency, and fatigue.

The online store offers a wide range of fluorescent lamps and other products for lighting at a favorable price.

Fluorescent long lamp base options

Regardless of the lighting source device, fluorescent lamps are equipped with a base through which they are connected to the lamp. It is an integral part of all electric lights. In addition to holding the bulb firmly in its seating position, it provides stable contact. Fluorescent lamp bases are available in screw and pin versions, which makes it possible to use them in lamps of almost all designs, shapes and sizes.

There are the following types of fluorescent lamp bases: pin one(G with two contacts) or screw-in one (E for compact models). The numbers also have a meaning: after the letter G is the distance between the contacts, and after the letter E is the diameter in millimeters.

Fluorescent tubes T5

A more modern and improved version of fluorescent lamps is T5-type models with G5 bases (5 mm between pins). They are installed on the following objects:

  • office space;
  • exhibition galleries to illuminate exhibits;
  • shopping malls (especially flower stores, jewelry stores, pet stores);
  • at home for illuminating niches, kitchen tables under cabinets.

The electronic catalog of online store contains models with power from 6 to 28 W with colors 4200K and 6400K.

Depending on the model and brand, one can buy a product with a working life of 6000-10000 hours.

Their main advantage is their wide range of color temperature, which can affect human emotional state and plant development

Tube lamps with T8 base

Linear fluorescent lamps with T8 tube and G13 base are the most common type. Spheres of their application are:

  • production halls, industrial warehouses;
  • educational institutions;
  • kindergartens;
  • advertising installations;
  • administrations and others.

Due to the high power and continuous operation (about 10000 hours), fluorescent lamps T8 are an ideal option for lighting large rooms and illuminating facades of buildings and structures. It should be noted that the use in cold rooms is inappropriate, as the light flux for every 10 degrees of cooling is lost twice.

Wholesale prices for fluorescent tubes

The company sells goods represented by well-known brands (Ledvance, PHILIPS, OSRAM, Legrand, Schneider Electric, ABB, and many others) for wholesale and retail. There are favorable offers for wholesale buyers on the page Detailed information can be found on the official website. Any questions? It is recommended to contact the support service or fill out the feedback form. consultants will clarify any situation.

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