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The official distributor offers excellent conditions to buyers. The benefits of the compact fluorescent light will interest sellers. The demand for the offers is regularly increasing, so it is worth learning more about the models' features. You can get enough information about this brand from the manager of, but also from an expert review.

Where are the compact fluorescent lights used

The division of devices and components into categories is based on the differences. Characteristics significantly influence the choice of compact devices. An excellent option for economical lighting at home can be used for other purposes. 

For commerce

Since such lamps consume less electricity, commercial representatives choose them for indoor lighting. Their power depends on the characteristics of the device, and there are plenty to choose from. Manufacturers diligently create new models of CFL lights to meet the demands. 

You can see many compact devices in this category in everyday life. Commercial use makes up a larger sector, as lighting fixtures are installed in: 

  • hotels and inns;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • offices and stores.

It is due to the fact that the duration of the device operation is more than 10,000 hours. The indicator of such lamps is 5 times greater than that of other types.

For outdoor lighting

When it comes to choosing bulbs for outdoor lighting, the decision is in favor of the CFL lamp. Large, but still compact luminaires can boast a high-power capacity. This parameter is enough to illuminate areas. 

The use of compact fluorescent models allows surveillance cameras to capture intruders and monitor the situation outside the warehouse or garage. In addition, the cost of light bulbs is affordable, which is difficult to ignore. 

A high-quality fluorescent model is capable of replacing halogen lighting elements. The 250-watt power is nothing if you compare the characteristics of the two "competitors" of the market. 

For domestic use

This product is also indispensable for modern designs. The compact dimensions speak in favor of the choice. The model can be easily placed in luminaires, small sconces and bedside lamps. Ceiling lights with compact fluorescent light models illuminate the room softly and do not interfere with household chores.

Conservative energy consumption and friendly attitude towards natural resources are firmly connected. Compact fluorescent lamps use much less electricity, which makes them popular. Considering that the energy consumption bill is reduced, buying these bulbs is fully justified. 

How to choose a quality compact fluorescent bulbs?

The features of such compact instruments are often overlooked, and for good reason. Some characteristics are different from what we are accustomed to. Available options are determined based on the objectives, and it is necessary to take into account: 

  1. Parameters of light output. Power and brightness of a fluorescent variant are different from what we are used to. Pay attention to the description, so that the parameters meet the expectations.
  2. Scope. Outdoor light bulbs operate in high humidity environments and this should be taken into account. The same applies to bathroom products..
  3. Shape. The variety of forms from this brand is amazing, so choose the right ones. For this, it is worth asking the help of specialists, and they will help you with your choice. 

The first buying experience will not cause stress, because the customer service is always in touch. Wholesalers will receive detailed advice and can use the tips of experts in the future. The return on investment of fluorescent bulbs motivates you to look for appropriate offers. 

Wholesale prices for fluorescent light bulbs

The characteristics of the products determine the cost. Manufacturers are pleased with the variety, so the wholesale purchase will not be inconvenient. Some of the recommended products include:

The average life of this bulb is 10,000 hours. Luminous efficacy and characteristics are given in the description. The 5000 square meter warehouse, which is the largest in the Baltic States, guarantees that you can buy the necessary components wholesale

How to purchase fluorescent lights at

It is easy to order the desired fluorescent bulb based on specifications. Open the product catalog and add suitable offers to the "Cart". The system automatically performs a preliminary calculation. Buy lamps for outdoor and indoor lighting at an affordable price. The information on the site is updated regularly, so the data is relevant.