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Halogen Bulbs

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Today, more and more people decide to use energy-saving appliances and devices characterized by continuous operation. Halogen bulbs are known for their quality light output and are considered a worthy substitute for standard samples. These are improved incandescent lamps, which have a doubled service life.

An undeniable advantage of products is full compatibility with power control devices and soft switching, used for conventional incandescent lamps, which facilitates their replacement.

Peculiarities of halogen lamps choice

Halogen devices are conventionally divided into two groups: low-voltage and high-voltage. The first is used in lighting the premises only in the presence of an additional power adapter, which converts the voltage to 24 or 12 volts. The second type of such devices can be safely installed in chandeliers connected to a 220 volt network. These products are also distinguished by design. They can be:

  • linear;
  • capsule;
  • with external bulb;
  • with a reflector.

Each of them has its particular applications, pros and cons. Linear lamps are usually used in industry - they consume much energy and shine brightly. Reflector lamps are the best option for spotlights, and capsule lamps can be used in open designs. The most common is a halogen light bulb with an additional bulb. It is a complete analog of the classic incandescent lamp.

If you need to choose a lamp for a replacement and not rework the scheme of its connection, you can look at the instructions for the lamp, which indicate the type and parameters of suitable light sources. You can also remove the old bulb and choose a new one with similar parameters according to its markings.

Options for the use of halogen lamps

Halogen models are rightfully considered the most reliable and bright. They are resistant to temperature and voltage due to the bulb, which is made of heat-resistant glass. Moreover, the lighting system can have different sizes, which provides a wide range of applications. Here are the areas in which such devices are most often used:

  • modern ceilings;
  • arrangement of spotlighting;
  • equipping car headlights;
  • arrangement of floodlighting in stadiums;
  • installation of illumination in chandeliers and lamps.

It should be understood that these devices are the most demanding in terms of care. Therefore, it is essential to follow the requirements of their operation strictly. It would be best to use chandeliers and lamps of unique design that can withstand high temperatures.

Original halogen bulbs of different power - where to buy?

One key determining criterion when choosing a halogen lamp is its power. According to this parameter, the devices are divided into linear lamps of a higher power - from 100 to 1500 W, devices with an external base - from 20 to 60 W, and capsule models - from 10 to 35 W. 

You can order such devices of any power on the website of the b2b portal Here are the most popular items:

  1. SLV FN MR16 lamp 10W, 30°, aluminium-coated reflector – German company offers top lighting. Devices can boast a high light output, long life, cost-effectiveness, and unsurpassed quality.
  2. Osram HALOLINE ECO 80W 230V R7S – lamps of this brand serve as a convenient and indispensable source of artificial light. They are used in apartments, offices, and industrial production.
  3. Osram DECOSTAR 51 20W 12V 36° GU5.3 – high-quality lamp provides excellent and effective light, which positively affects the efficiency and success of the work performed.
  4. Bemko 230V JD G9 40W – the device is suitable for installation in luminaires and is used for general and local lighting of various premises.
  5. Bemko 230V J118 500W Rx7S – lamps create good light in residential and industrial premises, on the streets, in parks, and in shops.

Today, these devices remain relatively economical and inexpensive sources of light. It explains their solid range, which tends to expand.

Wholesale prices for halogen bulbs

The company is engaged in wholesale and retail sales. Moreover, there are the lowest prices for wholesale. It is an official distributor of the brand, so there is no need to doubt the quality of products. The firm has a 5000 m2 warehouse; the most popular products are always in stock.

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Initially, you need to register on our web resource by sending an application to the specified email address. Only registered users have the right to order goods in bulk. Next, to buy halogen light bulbs, visit the company's website and browse the catalog. You should add the products you like and the quantity you need to your shopping cart.