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The market is ready to offer consumers a wide range of electrical appliances. At first glance, it is difficult to determine which outlet will be better, because there are about 15k options and each has its own distinctive characteristics. In different countries there are separate options that are most popular there.There are products of different shapes, sizes, voltage ratings, differ depending on the type socket and names. Generally, different types are used in certain regions.

What are the most popular types of sockets?

To understand what characteristics distinguish electrical socket, it is necessary to consider the most popular types of them.

  • A - a socket without grounding is designed for 15 A, invented in 1904. Used for a fork with two flat blades. Standard version for North and Central America, Japan and other countries.
  • IN – electricity socket with grounding with a maximum current of 15 A. It differs in design from type A, since it contains a grounding contact and a third plug.
  • With – socket 220v without grounding, contains two rounded parallel contacts. For a long period was the most popular in Europe. This type is an old ungrounded version of the new types of many sockets that are now actively used in Europe.
  • D - British type, which is currently considered obsolete. The three round contacts are arranged in a triangle shape.
  • E - characteristic of France, contains a grounding with a protruding contact in the upper part of the product.
  • F - European version with grounding. Developed in 1926 by a German engineer. Similar in standard to E, but this type uses metal clips instead of a round ground pin.
  • G - British variation, has 3 flat contacts. Considered the current standard. Plugs to such sockets often have built-in fuses.
  • N - Israeli standard sockets, 3 round contacts, combined into a triangle. The early version contained flat contacts.
  • I - from Australia, this option is characterized by flat contacts located at an angle, and there is also a third ground contact.
  • J is a standard from Switzerland, similar to option C, but with an additional ground contact.
  • K - Danish type, no less popular than type C, but in this case contains a hole for the ground contact.
  • L - Italian socket with an additional round contact in the center.
  • M - African type with a triangle shape and a ground contact, which is thicker.
  • N - similar to the Swiss version, but differs in the distance between the holes.
  • O - Applies exclusively to Thailand. Designed for 16 amps, contains 2 pins and one ground pin.

There is a universal power socket in the world that does not fit any standard. Suitable for various types of plugs, but is considered dangerous.

Designed, black, white - a range of sockets from different manufacturers

The market offers a vast range of sockets. You can find stylish, refined, discreet, laconic variants among them. By choosing the right products, you can harmoniously complement the interior and add to its features with the help of color and the design of sockets. The outlets in tone or contrasting variants will look beautiful. There are elegant black and classic white products on sale, which designers developed to emphasize the features of the interior most favorably.

Wholesale prices for electrical sockets

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