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LED lamps

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Modern lighting fixtures are in high demand among customers who want to decorate their rooms and save on energy costs. It will be quite easy to choose a suitable LED light bulb, if you consider a few important points, which include:

  1. Compatibility of the base of the bulbs.
  2. The required level of brightness, corresponding to your needs.
  3. The desired color temperature. It will be considered low at 2700K and high, for example, at 6500K. The first version of the LED devices is suitable for living rooms, and the second - for working rooms and responsible tasks.
  4. Color rendering index (CRI) – indicates how accurately light bulbs reproduce the colors of objects. The ideal CRI is 100, but most lamps have a CRI of about 80-90, which provides a fairly good transfer of color.
  5. Lifetime. For high-quality products of this class, it can be from 15 to 50 thousand hours.
  6. Availability of dimming – the ability to adjust the brightness of the lamp LED. This option is useful for many consumers today.
  7. Recognition and reliability of the brand. It is better to choose products of famous manufacturers or trusted brands to be confident in the quality of the product.      

In order to successfully buy such a device, you should focus your attention only on products that have the relevant characteristics indicated above.

For which base is the LED lamp?

This question is very important for those who are not familiar with these devices and want not to make a mistake in their choice. Such accessories can come with different bases, depending on their type and model. The most common bases for bulb LED are the following

  • E27 threaded - commonly used in conventional incandescent lamps and residential and commercial LED fixtures;
  • Threaded E14 - a smaller version of the base, also common in home lighting, especially in small fixtures and pendant versions;
  • GU10 - used in some fixtures to replace LED devices, especially built-in and designed for backlighting.
  • MR16 - pin base - used in directional lights and track systems.

In addition to these, there are other plinths such as GU5.3, G9, G4, etc., which are used in certain types of this category.

Wholesale prices for LED bulbs

Portal offers a large selection and the best opportunities to buy high-quality lamps. In addition, there are good deals for wholesale customers. The information of new users is subject to mandatory verification when they create a new profile. Anyone who wants to buy such devices wholesale can create an account and get the best price offers.

Managers keep a close eye on the availability of declared items, and, if necessary, order missing units. They always check the bulb cost, as well as set a special LED lamp price, delivery time, etc. Only after that, employees issue an invoice for prepayment for the selected product.

The company offers a delay of 15 to 60 days for regular, reliable customers. When the cost paid, the customer receives his product. Many customers wish to save on shipping, leaving some products in stock. They have the opportunity to receive several orders at once to the right address.  

How to buy LED lamp bulbs at

First, the buyer needs to register on the site. Then he can visit the category of interest and purchase the required model. A model of this device should be added to the cart, as well as the required number of copies. When all the LED replacement lights are entered, you should place your order according to the rules established on the site. After that, be sure to call you back a store representative to clarify the details.

In the catalog, any LED replacement devices are accompanied by a detailed description so that buyers have the necessary information. To speed up the search, you should use filters that will allow you to see only the types of devices you need.

To ask a question or get advice, you should contact the technical service of online platform. Buyers can return or exchange the device in accordance with the conditions published on a special page. You can pay for your order in several ways. After confirming the order, you will receive an invoice that can be paid quickly and conveniently. 

You can order delivery to any part of Latvia. Shipping to Riga and the surrounding area will cost 10 euros. The light bulb price is calculated individually for other regions. You will always find up-to-date, detailed information about the services provided on the website.