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Industrial lights

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Electrical systems for organizations are a pretty valuable investment that should pay off. Nevertheless, some people still use the old methods with incandescent bulbs. The comfort and activity of workers depend not only on established processes, equipment, and the endeavor itself but also on good visibility. The burning out of even one light bulb can lead to serious losses and reduce output by dozens of times. And it is only in one room of a large building!

Industrial light: what kind of light there is and how to choose it

It is surprising, but a specific direction of rays affects interpersonal relations within the team because it reduces visibility and causes discomfort. And the most important thing is that it can provoke the loss of products or parts of mechanisms or play a cruel joke when transporting goods to retail outlets.

What kind of electrical appliances should you prefer? Modern standards have long since moved away from such an element as an incandescent light bulb. Instead, enterprises are actively introducing LED lighting with a waterproof effect. We suggest exploring the range of the site Here you will find many offers of different brands. And now, let's talk a little about the types of devices with lighting capacity.

What types of industrial lamps are available on sale: buying criteria

Working in production, many people face the problem of poor quality lighting and reduced pace of work. As a result, the overall performance and profitability of the company deteriorate. The best solution is to buy products from well-known brands at reasonable prices and consult before buying. Always knowing the exact number of lamps and their subsequent placement is essential. We recommend you study the criteria of electrical fixtures for large and small businesses to choose them correctly. 

Industrial lighting fixtures must meet the following criteria:

  • waterproof and dustproof: indicated numerically and assigned to the abbreviation IP; for example, IP65 means that you have a well-protected device that can be used indoors and outdoors;
  • no glare or overly bright light;
  • adjustment of light at different angles;
  • type of industrial lamps - replaceable or non-replaceable LED;
  • color rendering index and other equally important parameters.

You can choose these and other properties and filter the products on the site. The store's customers can access an impressive selection of devices at democratic prices and fast delivery to any Baltic region.  

For warehouses

  1. At least 2 types of lighting are used in warehouses:
  2. General lighting: overhead light that floods the entire room; 
  3. Fluorescent, metal halide, DRL, and LED fixtures are used, which are mounted from above along the perimeter at an equal distance from each other;
  4. Local industrial light fixtures: they are used to illuminate separate zones - workplace, passageways, exits;
  5. Light fixtures are mounted on walls, racks, and tables.

The most interesting thing is that lighting is used in open and closed areas.

For factories

LED lamps are suitable as lighting for enterprises of various configurations and scales. They are one of the most efficient systems. LED constructions give more light but spend less energy. It is an excellent alternative to ordinary bulbs, which are also not durable. Also, warehouse lights have several functional modes, for example, dimming or control through sensors. 

For small production facilities 

It is recommended to use LED luminaires and halogen spotlights for small rooms. Halogen spotlights are based on halogen-filled incandescent lamps. Industrial lights provide bright spots and directional lighting with good color rendering. Some advantages include small size, easy installation, and high control over the degree of beam light. 

Largest range in the Baltic States

Shopping for lamps and luminaires has never been more convenient for Baltic residents. The website offers more than 2000 products of European brands. At the same time, the prices for wholesale purchases are lower than market prices.

Thanks to the company striving to improve quality and introducing fast delivery to any region, buying equipment has become a simple and easy task. Customers appreciate the opportunities against the background of competitive sites and get in line, joining the ranks of regular buyers. By the way, you do not have to wait, as online trading allows you to make a purchase order in seconds, pack and carefully deliver the goods to the client.

Buy industrial lighting in bulk on the B2B portal

The choice is often based on the type of electronic product, whether warehouse lighting or any other. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the placement in the planned place. It is essential to know how well it is lit and how many items will be needed, with what characteristics, etc., especially if you need to buy a whole batch of goods in bulk on the portal It is recommended to make a detailed analysis and choose the most suitable lighting for your small production room, open space, or extensive warehouse area. Ask questions to our specialists, and you will not be left without an answer, and your purchase will be rational!