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Gas Discharge Lamps

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Gas discharge lamps are a light source based on a gas discharge between electrodes inside a chamber filled with mercury vapor. The scope of their application is vast, from technical devices to signaling. The light in such lamps is produced as a result of the discharge.

The main characteristics of discharge lamps

There are now quite a few models available. They differ depending on the gases or vapors used. For example, neon, mercury, xenon, and argon are the most popular. The shape and design also vary. In the catalog, there are tubes, spirals, ampoules, and more. Features of such lamps are:

  1. Efficiency. Such lamps are more durable than classic incandescent lamps. These models are also more energy efficient. The lighting will be brighter, while its cost will be lower. In addition, the service life of discharge lamps is longer. However, it should be taken into account that several factors can limit it. For example, wear and tear of electrodes and gas degradation.
  2. Spectral features. The light in such lamps can vary. It all depends on the chemical composition of the gas, as well as the pressure inside. Therefore, one model can transmit different shades.
  3. Type of lighting. It is bright and uniform. That's why gas discharge models are actively used to illuminate signs, stadiums, and streets. They provide a radiant glow.

These devices may take some time to warm up. Only then will the lamp be able to show its full brightness. In some cases, it is also necessary to provide current stabilization to obtain a proper discharge.

Application options for discharge lamps

The popularity of such light sources is due to the fact that they are inexpensive and durable. Therefore, they are actively used in various spheres. Plus, the lamps provide bright illumination. This may be required in business to make the goods look more attractive. 

Discharge lamps are also a good choice for the home. They can be used to create accent lighting. This will allow you to emphasize precisely those elements in the room design you want to highlight.

This lighting option is also used to illuminate signs and advertisements. Top neon models are regularly used to illuminate billboards or building facades. They are available in different shades. In addition, thanks to flexible customization, it is possible to illuminate precisely those necessary elements easily. This is why these devices are actively used, including for marketing purposes.

Parking lot lighting

This type of lamp is actively used for lighting parking lots. The whole point is that they provide saturated, bright light. This makes it possible to obtain high-quality and clear visibility even in a large area. Therefore, discharge lamps help to consider all areas in the parking lot. With them, the cars will be safe.

Use for offices

Compact fluorescent lamps are the best solution for offices. Their advantages are:

  • good brightness;
  • minimal dimensions, which allows them to fit discreetly into the interior of the room;
  • low energy consumption compared to conventional incandescent lamps.

If you want to create a comfortable environment in the office and enjoy quality light, pay attention to such models.

Lighting of gymnasiums and other types of premises

High brightness levels and good illumination of all areas are essential at sporting events. This is precisely what discharge lamps provide. They can be found both in gymnasiums and outdoor arenas. 

The main advantage is high-quality, uniform lighting. In addition, it is very bright, which allows one to see all the details of the competition process.

Original discharge lamps of different wattages from renowned manufacturers

Buyers will find new products from proven manufacturers in the catalog of Among them are:

  • Osram;
  • Sylvania.

This is only a tiny part of the companies with which the store cooperates directly. Thanks to this, the catalog of available offers is constantly growing.

Special prices on special-purpose lamps for wholesalers

Several lights need to be purchased to provide adequate lighting. Now, one can do it online. Moreover, discounts and special prices are available for wholesalers. This allows one to save quite a bit and get the right amount of electrical devices. With them, the room or open space will shine with new colors.

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Sales are carried out wholesale and retail. Undoubtedly, among the available offers, you will be able to find the right one for your home or business. With such lighting, you will be able to look at many things in a new way.