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Incandescent Bulbs

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Lamps are necessary in every home, and they are designed to illuminate rooms, as well as sewing machines and refrigerators. But it would be best to turn to specialists to avoid getting lost in various models. The managers of will provide thorough consultation and assistance in choosing suitable incandescent light bulbs. An electronic catalog is divided into categories, where you can find the product you want and order delivery to your specified address.

Where are mainly used incandescent bulb?

General-purpose models are used in household networks with a 220-230 V voltage for lighting various rooms. High-wattage incandescent bulbs are used in networks with the same voltage but at extremely low or high temperatures. The range can be from -60 to +140 ˚C. In addition, there are low-voltage and local light bulbs. They are connected to 12 V, 24 V, or 36 V networks. The scope of application of incandescent led bulb is large: lighting fixtures in industrial premises, workplace lighting, elevators, garages, construction sites, and repair shops. In addition, incandescent PH bulbs are compact and are used in refrigerators and sewing machines. 

Incandescent lamp: how to choose the right one?

To choose the right product for your specific needs:

  1. First of all, you should pay attention to the socket. Incandescent bulbs have a standard screw base. It is usually marked with the letter E and two numbers that indicate the distance between the contacts. There are E14, E27, E40 base. E14 are mignons, smaller than their counterparts, and used for wall lights and sconces. E40 bulbs are more powerful and are often used for outdoor lighting
  2. Next, look at the size and shape of filament light bulbs. The most popular forms are pear, ellipse, ball, cylinder, and mushroom. Exquisite "retro" models of different shapes with pronounced spiral are available for sale. They are well suited for decorative lighting.
  3. Another important selection criterion is the manufacturer. You should not save money and select Chinese models. The contact area of the base is usually minimal, which leads to a rapid failure of the device

Choosing the right model can save a lot of energy by reducing your electricity bill. It also helps protect your eyes by creating quality lighting for all kinds of activities for adults and children. 

 Wholesale prices for incandescent light

The range of products on the site is extensive, and each position's cost depends on its characteristics. Manufacturers offer practical solutions, considering all the customers' requirements. There are excellent offers of incandescent lights on, which differ in power, shape, and manufacturer :

  • Legrand;
  • Jung;
  • ISKRA;
  • ABB.

There are also other great deals. It all depends on the purpose of the device. If you have any questions, the managers of online store will help you to understand and buy precisely what you need.

How to order at

You need to register your account to shop on the b2b portal, which is the brand's official distributor. Then, you can proceed to place your order. To do this, you need to select the necessary goods in the electronic catalog, indicate their quantity and convenient delivery method, and pay for the purchase. You will find a vast range of standard light bulb, a flexible pricing policy, and the lowest prices for wholesale customers. Then, you can pick up your order from our 5000 sq.m. warehouse. If necessary, you can ask for help from an experienced manager. The main thing is to buy something that will help create a comfortable room light.