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Industrial fans

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Industrial fans are a group of mechanical devices that are used to move air or gas masses of a large volume. Industrial fans are primarily designed to ensure optimal air exchange in various technological processes. Another application area of such systems is cooling machines and their mechanisms.

You should know the classification of fans to choose the right one. They differ by place of installation, method of connection, and operating conditions. According to the first feature, the devices are divided into:

  • roof fans;
  • duct fans;
  • standard installation.

According to the conditions of use, there are devices for general purpose, explosion-proof, heat-resistant, dustproof, and smoke exhaust.

When selecting, it is worth paying attention to such characteristics as total pressure, capacity, motor power, type of control, system dimensions, safety, and noise level.

The power and the materials used to make the fans affect their noise level. Aluminum and other metal and alloy blades make a lot of noise. Plastic elements are less noisy. When choosing fans, you should consider the service area, humidity in the premises, the place of installation, the permissible noise level, and the need to protect the devices from mechanical contaminants.

Specialists of a reliable company on the website will help you to choose a suitable ventilation system for a particular enterprise. You must send an online inquiry or contact a manager by phone for qualified advice. Selection of quality equipment is possible via the Internet, which is convenient and easy.

Where are industrial fans used?

The traditional areas of application of fans of this type are ventilation, heating, cooling, air conditioning, and air purification systems in factory buildings and infrastructure facilities

Industrial fans are designed to provide stable air exchange in places such as:

  • in manufacturing plants;
  • in shopping malls;
  • in gymnasiums and swimming pools;
  • at train stations and airports;
  • in administrative and public buildings.

Industrial fans are part of ventilation systems designed to purify the air in shop premises, warehouse complexes, and transportation departments of enterprises of various industries and economic activities.

Fans for warehouses

Unlike production halls, a warehouse is mostly filled with high racks of products, which occupy almost the entire room volume. The ventilation system in such a facility must ensure a uniform airflow over the whole warehouse height and the same temperature and humidity level throughout the entire volume. Specialized ventilation equipment is used to meet these requirements.

There are various types of fans on the market. They may differ in their design and operating principles. However, no matter how efficient or how they are used, their main task is removing exhaust air from the premises and maintaining the required air exchange.

For factories

The emission of particles harmful to the human body can accompany factory production processes. In addition to vapors and gases, too much moisture, dust, and heat may enter the room. As a result, the air changes its chemical composition, which harms people's well-being. In addition, it reduces productivity.

The purpose of industrial fans is to maintain normal air parameters in the premises of factories. According to sanitary and hygienic norms, fan installations should ensure the removal of the following from buildings:

  • excess heat;
  • moisture;
  • dust;
  • gases;
  • harmful vapors.

A competently designed and installed ventilation system allows you to create comfortable conditions for working and staying in factories. It provides optimal humidity, temperature, and purity of incoming air.

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