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Installation boxes

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Еlectrical junction boxes are wiring parts that safely and securely connect wires and cables. The right product choice is crucial when installing wiring at a home, office, or industrial facility. In this article, we will consider different boxes and features and also offer you the opportunity to order mounting boxes in bulk on the B2B portal

Types of mounting boxes

There are several types of electrical socket box, each designed for specific conditions and requirements. Let's consider the main types of devices for electrical energy distribution: 

  • Sub-sockets.
  • Distribution boxes. 
  • Boxes for outdoor installation.


These boxes are designed for concealed mounting in walls, ceilings, or floors. They are used in cases where it is necessary to ensure aesthetic appeal and to maintain a minimum protrusion of the box on the surface. The features of the pattress box are the following: 

  • compact dimensions and a small overhang above the surface; 
  • possibility of installation in plasterboard, concrete, and other types of walls; 
  • reliable fastening and protection against dust and moisture; 
  • the option of installing various types of outlets and switches.

Such devices are often used in residential premises, offices, and commercial buildings.

Distribution boxes

The distribution box organizes and protects connections, wiring, and creating branches in electrical networks.

The features of distribution boxes:

  1. Large capacity of electrical wire box for connecting multiple wires.
  2. Protection against overheating and short circuits.
  3. Ability to separate wires into different groups.
  4. Additional holes for mounting internal connectors and fixing wires. 

External mounting boxes

Mounting boxes are used to install external power points, lamps, and other devices. They are made to protect wiring from the harmful effects of weather, moisture, and dust. Such box sockets are usually installed on the walls of buildings, facades, or poles. The features of such box sockets are as follows: 

  1. Resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations. 
  2. Airtightness and protection against moisture penetration. 
  3. Durable materials resistant to corrosion. 
  4. Ability to attach to various surfaces.

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Electrical socket box is essential for electrical wiring, ensuring the safe connection of wires and cables. The suitable product choice depends on installation conditions, safety requirements, and visual preferences.

The company offers a wide range of wholesale and retail goods with guaranteed quality and competitive prices. By ordering at our company, you can be sure of the reliability and durability of the used materials and get professional support from experienced specialists.