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LED tubes

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A light source based on LEDs is commonly called an LED lamp. This lighting is used in industrial, outdoor, and home areas. Diode tubes create an economical light source, which satisfies the needs of product owners to the fullest extent. Undoubtedly, classic chandeliers with incandescent bulbs are already losing their popularity. Consequently, LED lighting is an excellent alternative in terms of price-quality ratio.

Led tubes - advantages and service life

Light-emitting diodes, which are not traditional lamps, have been in demand among customers for a long time. Such products are more efficient, economical, and powerful than our usual light sources. Manufacturers produce LED products with a working voltage of 220 volts for comfortable and practical use. They have a bright white light, ideal for lighting objects of any purpose.

The advantages of LED Tubes include:

  1. Economic benefits. Energy consumption is 12 times less than the usual incandescent lamps. The models have a different intensity of illumination.
  2. Safety of use. Compared with fluorescent bulbs, LEDs have no harmful components like mercury or other heavy metals. The body is also made of durable plastic, which is much better, unlike glass bulbs with an incandescent filament. It ensures fire safety for the users.
  3. Quality. LEDs are considered one of the best products in the artificial lighting category. The rooms visually become more spacious and comfortable.
  4. High level of light output. LEDs have a radiation spectrum close to sunlight. Their color temperature can be from "cool white" to "warm white". The angle of light scattering is quite wide and reaches 230°.
  5. Are not harmful to health. With such lighting, you can read a book, and children can write and master new games. This way, the probability of eye fatigue during work is eliminated.

We should also add a long service life to the pluses mentioned earlier, distinguishing them from their analogs. Since the installation of the products, the light flux and light intensity have been practically unchanged. With daily use for 6 hours, the product will last about 15 years, and when used in round-the-clock mode - more than five years.

Types of long LED lamps and application options

The main elements of LED lamps are light diodes. This diod turns the electric voltage into lighting energy with the help of a conductive substrate, crystals, and aluminum holders. The products are resistant to mechanical impact and temperature; the most important thing is that they are environmentally friendly. Long LED lamps are produced with a base T. Type G13 is used for tube-shaped lighting devices with a value of T-8 and T-10. Their size is standard - 1200 mm. You can place an order for such a series on the website

  • CorePro;
  • Special Products;
  • ST5;
  • SubstiTUBE®.

They are often found in shopping centers, waiting rooms, and office buildings for targeted lighting for general use. In addition, such lighting products are also excellent for the street as illumination of advertising banners, shop windows, and stands.

Office premises

LED lighting fixtures of various shapes and sizes are a win-win option for lighting office and administrative facilities. You can see LED lighting in offices and public places. They are selected for their cost-effectiveness and wide angle of light dispersion. Employees can concentrate on work and do not feel discomfort while performing tasks. The online store offers many quality models from well-known brands.

Large warehouse and industrial facilities

Industrial production implies a large facility with enough light for employees to do their work well. The light distribution should be symmetrical and not glare at the eyes. LED lamps function perfectly in an aggressive environment where mechanical work with different temperatures occurs. They are installed in workshops, warehouses, utility rooms, factories, and hangars. With the help of quality lamps from, your work in a closed space will be comfortable and successful.

For home use

LED lamps for households are models that are not only economical but also practical in use. You can find a lot of interesting options for chandelier sconces, nightlights, ceiling products, and floor lamps from brands Kanlux, LEDVANCE, LightZone, Narva, Opple, OSRAM, Paulmann, PHILIPS, and others on the site. The products are made of quality materials, and their operational life will undoubtedly surprise you.

Wholesale prices for LED Tubes

If you want to buy several models, there is a particular program of wholesale purchases for you. Special prices and bonus terms are available to customers, which will help you make budget purchases online. Equipping with lighting products from company is possible with benefits for your time and wallet.

How to purchase on B2B Portal

The site sells only original and certified products from the best manufacturers. You should create a personal account to purchase led-lights, where you must specify the company's legal and contact details. After that, your account will pass moderation. You can access an online catalog with the entire store range at the end of the submitted request. You can make a purchase online and pick it up offline.