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Today, the well-known abbreviation ABL is used to produce products that are in high demand all over the world. The famous German brand includes the best quality and reliability of electrical equipment. The offered components and devices are characterized by long service life, original, innovative construction, and an affordable price. 

ABL – electrical components from Germany

Nowadays, ABL gmbh products are recognized by world manufacturers and recommended for use. The products underthis brand include:

  • standard devices for connecting electrical appliances to the network - sockets, plugs, and connectors of various types;
  • circuit breakers;
  • safety switches and motor starters;
  • other customized technical solutions.

ABL solutions have a rich history. The first products of this brand saw the light back in 1922.

A wide catalog of goods from ABL at wholesale prices

Thanks to the large assortment, any customer of network can purchase the right equipment for his purposes. The convenient catalog includes the full name of the product, its photo, and a detailed description. You can use filters to make it easier to find the right accessory, thanks to which only positions that are interesting to the buyer will be presented. Any Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia resident can place an order on website.   

You should carefully study the product description to make a successful purchase. There is enough information about each product to make a good choice.

Consumers are pleased with a wide range of our products. The 5000 m2 warehouse, where electrical equipment is stored in large quantities, allows it to meet customers' needs with very different preferences.

How to order ABL products on

The client must first register on the company's website to make a purchase. After that, any information about the product will be available to him. When placing an order, you will need to specify the model and the number of ABL motors to be purchased. It is worth making an order, strictly following the site rules. When you have already sent the form, you should wait for a manager's call to coordinate the details. 

If you have questions, you can always ask a representative of technical support of the service. Customers have the right to exchange or return the goods, which is described in detail in the corresponding section of the portal You can pay for the purchase by all popular methods today. Transactions are fast and smooth.