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The German brand, which produces sockets and switches, confidently holds a leading position for over a decade. It is Berker that has developed and introduced rotary switches. The brand has brought many innovative ideas in the history of electrical appliances. Today, the manufacturer has a positive reputation among consumers around the world. The products are used for residential and commercial facilities, in industry because they meet high quality standards.

Berker brand products wholesale in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia 

Goods of German manufacture are in demand among the residents of the Baltic countries. Online store is the official distributor of Berker products and offers the best wholesale prices. When you buy German equipment, you get:

stylish and unique design solutions;

the precision of form and maximum functionality;

safe and reliable products;

ease of installation and use of goods.

The catalog has a wide range of sockets, switches, and other equipment models. It is easy to make a choice thanks to the quality photos and a detailed description of products.

A large selection of products from Berker with individual discounts for wholesalers 

There are various electrical appliances of the German manufacturer available for wholesale purchases. You can find detailed information about all items on the distributor's website. It is easy to find the right product using the search filters. You can sort the goods in stock to get your order faster. To do this, use the "In Stock" button. The store offers a flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each client. The warehouse of 5 thousand square meters contributes to the constant availability of popular products:

Double socket SCHUKO with Coverplate high;

Rocker, lens;

Centre plate f.rot. dimmer/potentiometer, setting knob;

Afdek. voor draaischak.

The store offers personal discounts for regular wholesale customers. All you need to do to order a quality product is to go to the store's website and study the products in the catalog. A convenient interface allows you to spend a few minutes on the purchase.

How to order Berker products at and get a personal discount? 

To receive and use a unique discount offer, you only need to complete a simple registration on the website. After checking all the information with a manager, you can take advantage of the discount. The offer is limited, so you should not stop your purchase. platform regularly offers new promotions.

Loyal service is available to all customers. Regular customers can get a deferred payment and temporary storage of goods in the distributor's warehouse. You can find more detailed information about the products and promotions on the site or by calling the hotline.

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