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The history of the Italian company began in 1989. Today, the brand is known worldwide, as it offers a wide range of lighting fixtures. In addition, the range includes equipment for controlling lighting systems. The company's official distributor is also represented in the Baltic States, and high quality is available at an affordable price.

Electrical fittings wholesale from Bticino in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Wholesale buyers of enjoy the excellent conditions. Shopping is available in different countries, including Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. In addition, delivery of fittings is also possible in Europe. A warehouse area of 5,000 square meters ensures that customers can easily find the best solution.

A convenient catalog allows you to explore the entire available range of Legrand Bticino. Visitors of the site set filters for a comfortable search of offers. The description of the products will allow you to evaluate the characteristics, determine the best items and order them with delivery.

Registered users can place an order to purchase electrical fittings at wholesale prices. Buyers also have access to an additional platform containing good offers for wholesalers. This way, you can make a deal quickly and without unnecessary complications.

Bticino products with individual discounts for wholesalers

The official distributor of Bticino offers favorable conditions of cooperation. There are unique offers with discounts and a varied list of goods for customers. The following review will help you to buy products of the Italian brand from the list of popular items:

  • The L.Now module connection cover is made of plastic and halogen-free;
  • the wireless L.Now-cover allows you to control the lighting;
  • L.Now main switch is equipped with gateways for safe connection of devices;
  • BUZZER 220VAC 8VA is used for surface mounting;
  • Axolute 1P 16A 2m switch is designed for switching between phases.

The models are available in several colors so that you can find the right fit. In addition, the range has hundreds of products at affordable prices. – the largest supplier of Bticino products in the Baltic countries

The search and ordering of electrical fittings at are automated. There are additional options for convenience (filter system, categories, and sections). Use the proposed functionality for a comfortable study of the catalog of products by famous brands.

You can place your order after logging in to the site. Filling out a form allows you to create an account. The manager will check the specified information and provide a personal discount. Regular customers enjoy the service of keeping orders in stock.

Customer service includes the generation of invoices, deferral of payments by agreement, as well as consultations. All registered users can take advantage of these services. Personal discounts are available for a certain time, and you can receive information about new offers via e-mail.

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