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Eaton electrical supplies at wholesale prices

Eaton brand products can provide an energy solution for your business and home. The company develops and sells energy products needed for vehicles, businesses, public buildings, and residential facilities. With Eaton products' help, customers can manage electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic energy without failures and problems.

Online store offers to buy electrical materials from the world-famous brand at wholesale and affordable prices. These include: 

  • installations;
  • automatics and controls;
  • emergency lighting;
  • lightning protection;
  • frequency converters;
  • transformers;
  • relays.

Each product has all the essentials in the kit for installation and use. Special prices are valid in case of placing an order from several units.

How to order Eaton brand products at at an individual price? 

The online store is the official distributor of the Eaton Latvija brand and offers its customers to register on the website to purchase goods at an individual price. After creating an account, the buyer should form a virtual shopping cart. Store employees will call you back to confirm the correctness of the constituted order and approve its payment. There are unique and favorable conditions with special prices for regular customers.

All the most popular products are always in stock, and the low wholesale price will surprise even the most demanding customers.


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