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Finder is one of the most famous European manufacturers of relays and automation devices. Its equipment is used both in households and enterprises. 

Relays are almost the main product of the brand. The catalog presents many of its varieties. For example:

  • miniature relay for printed circuit boards;
  • compact industrial;
  • universal and power relay (for industrial applications);
  • forced contact control (safety relay);
  • monitoring and control;
  • interface;
  • pulse, step relays.

All of them differ in their size and functions. It directly affects the cost of the gadgets.

Wholesale prices for relays, circuit breakers, and other electrical materials from Finder

The catalog of available offers is regularly increasing. You can already find the following items in it:

  • motion and presence sensors;
  • emergency lights;
  • modular relays and contactors;
  • equipment for electrical panels.

The sphere of use of electrical devices is very wide. For example, the catalog presents equipment for railway transport. However, the European manufacturer more and more often offers simple solutions for the home, which increase energy efficiency and help you save money.

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