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The popularity of the brand is associated with the production of precision measuring instruments. The products are characterized by safety, reliability and simplicity. The Fluke company's product range includes instruments for testing, analyzing and diagnosing data. Buying modern equipment is useful for everyone who seeks to improve working and production conditions.

Fluke - quality electrical equipment from the USA

The American manufacturer first appeared on the market in 1948. During this time, the brand managed to significantly improve the quality of products and reach an international level. The company's representative offices, which deliver original equipment, are located in 100 countries, including Latvia.

The official distributor offers wide range of devices and appliances. We have 5000 sq.m warehouse, which let us not only expand our assortment, but also provide additional services. There are three good reasons to buy equipment from Fluke electronics catalog:

  1. Quality. Modern technology is easily combined with performance. Thanks to this, the equipment lasts an order of magnitude longer than competitors' products.
  2. Reliability. The electronics of this brand have been tested in the laboratory and in the field. You can be sure of its reliability: the protection of the main mechanisms ensures safe use.
  3. Easy. You can use the equipment without experience, because the operation is intuitive. Care for inexperienced owners has allowed for comfort and ease of use of the devices.

American quality and characteristic accuracy distinguish the company's offers. You can buy the required equipment online and at wholesale prices.

A wide range of equipment from Fluke at wholesale prices 

Official distributors are available in 100 countries, as the products have clear advantages. The filtering system will help to make a choice in favor of a certain item. Buyers specify the desired characteristics, and suitable options appear on the screen.

Among the popular categories of equipment are goods for:

  • production capacity setting (ScopeMeter);
  • temperature measurement (Fluke-BT521ANG);
  • measurement of electrical parameters (Fluke 2AC/200-1000V5L - Voltage Detector);
  • performance calibration (Kit PLS 3X360G Kit);
  • maintenance of production facilities (Fluke-725/APAC/EMEA).

Fluke corporation offerings are popular with professionals as well. Calibration, data acquisition, and information analysis are essential for improved monitoring of air, temperature, and other parameters.

How to buy Fluke products at

Every registered user can place an order on the platform for legal entities. It is necessary to create an account by providing accurate information. A manager will check the specified information and hold a consultation. Otherwise - no questions will arise.

The official Fluke distributor offers special terms and conditions to loyal customers:

  • keeping goods in stock to reduce shipping costs;
  • unique discounts based on the wishes of the buyer;
  • up to 60 days payment delay, subject to negotiation.

Add items to cart, study the results of the calculation and fill out the proposed questionnaire. The manager will help with a choice of accessories, based on your wishes and requirements. Fluke quality test instruments are always in stock and on order. Our "In Stock" options will help speed up your selection.

Flexible discounts and direct manufacturer deposits save you money on wholesale purchases. Information about this and current offers is available on the online platform Another advantage is that the customer can order delivery throughout Europe.