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Introduction of innovations in lamps and other products is the brand's main advantage. The manufacturer works on improving models and creates a unique atmosphere with ordinary bulbs. Soft light that fills the entire space is an attractive feature of the products.

The official distributor of Forlight goods has set reasonable prices for all offers from new collections. It is easy to navigate in the catalog: you need to choose a modern brand from the list of options. Responsive managers will help you to find the required lighting.

Decorative lamps Forlight on B2B portal

You can find lighting fixtures for outdoor and indoor lighting on the pages of the portal. Regardless of the selected product, the company guarantees an optimal price-quality ratio. So, each purchase allows you to create a comfortable environment in your home.

Finding your preferred lighting in the Forlight lighting assortment is easy: real photos of the options will help you determine the best one. To make sure that the required offers are available, just take a look at:

  • Table lamp IP20 Nuts E27 40W White;
  • Pendant IP20 Riba Ø210mm E27 40W Black;
  • Ceiling fixture IP23 Olra LED 20.3W 3000K White 1921lm;
  • Spotlight IP20 Safran Triplex GU10 7W Brown 1649lm;
  • Wall fixture IP20 Toppi 250mm LED 9.4W 3000K White 598lm.

Registered customers will be able to choose options and get a great offer from the portal Personalized discounts, additional options and professional advice allow you to make profitable deals.

Delivery of goods is possible in Latvia and European countries. In addition, buyers can use the storage service. There is space for your order in the warehouse, which has an area of 5,000 square meters. Use this option to form an application for delivery on excellent conditions.