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The Gira brand was founded in Radeformwald, Germany. Initially, it was engaged in producing switches and sockets for electrical wiring. The company's product range has expanded over time. It allowed Gira to take a leading position in the electrical goods market.

In the 1930s, the company began using plastic as a material for its products. It was a big breakthrough because plastic was easier and cheaper to process than metal. In addition, it allowed for a more modern and aesthetically pleasing design.

Gira brand goods wholesale in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

In the 1990s, the company began to develop smart home systems actively. Such systems include control of lighting, heating, security alarms, etc. Today, Gira electric is one of the leading electrical equipment manufacturers for homes and offices. 

The brand of electrical goods Gira manufactures a wide range of products, including:

  • various electric switches;
  • automation and lighting control systems;
  • audio and video control systems;
  • security and communications, etc.

They also offer various interior design solutions to meet the needs of different styles and tastes. The reliability and high quality distinguish the Gira products.

Gira product catalog with individual discounts for wholesalers

We are an official representative of the company and offer the products at the lowest prices in the Baltic States. Electrical goods will certainly find a use in every home or enterprise. In addition, all devices and accessories are offered at wholesale prices.

How to choose products on the website? Each Gira catalog item contains a detailed description and specifications, such as:

  • power;
  • quality of material;
  • data rate;
  • indication;
  • degree of protection against moisture;
  • construction features.

Depending on the name and capabilities of the electrical device, e.g., a sensor, the selection criteria, and design features also change. the largest Gira supplier in the Baltic States

The territory of our warehouse is spacious, and its area is 5000 m2. It allows us to store electronics and accessories in large quantities. Regular renewal of our assortment helps us send the goods abroad quickly and without any delays. We recommend replenishing your arsenal with the missing devices you need to always feel safe at home. 

The most popular products of our customers are the following:

  • the modern automated electricity sensor with an indication - Gira G1 PoE Gira G1 black gl.;
  • Gira Keyless In keypad sensor;
  • machine Gira S1 KNX DRA;
  • Tri-Wing screwdriver accessory Gira TX_44;
  • frame for switches or socket outlets 3-g Gira Esprit bronze.

The history reflects the desire for innovation and the continual development of the brand. It successfully combines functionality and stylish design to meet the modern consumer's needs.