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The well-known European company has been on the market since 1931. Today, it is one of the most successful in Germany. The main direction of Hensel's activity is the manufacturing of wiring products. Currently, there are more than 1000 representative offices in this country, which supply goods to companies and organizations that carry out work on installing electrical equipment. One of the advantages of the world market leader is a competent policy, which allows one to design the most complex systems and complexes successfully.  

Hensel wholesale catalog from the largest supplier in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

Modern wiring systems, characterized by high quality, long service life, and other important advantages, belong to the main products manufactured by the company. Hensel wholesale catalog today includes:

  • cable boxes;
  • distribution systems for modular equipment;
  • modular enclosures;
  • cable entries and other types of wiring equipment.

Before the sale, the equipment should be inspected and tested. The sale of Hensel products is carried out at prices favorable to wholesale customers. This approach helps to maintain mutually beneficial good-money relations in the consumer market.        

Hensel products with individual discounts for wholesalers

The trading company offers a range of technical products and complexes from the German company Hensel. Here customers can always choose the products needed to fulfill their own needs.

The advantages of brand equipment include the following:

  • perfect quality;
  • reliability when used under peak load conditions;
  • long service life;
  • availability of original and safe components, which are resistant to long-term operation;
  • affordable cost.

The product items are placed in a convenient catalog, where their technical characteristics are described in detail. The information provided helps customers form a clear idea of the product. Reliable, competitive equipment is in high demand among the companies engaged in installing and maintaining power supply systems. – the largest supplier of Hensel in the Baltic countries 

The website is the official distributor of Hensel brand products. You can always find the most popular models. The company has its own 5000 m2 warehouse, storing products according to all the generally accepted norms and standards. A favorable price policy is at your disposal, as well as a handy website that will allow you to choose the right item as quickly as possible. 

After placing the order in the shopping cart, the customer must specify personal information and the payment and delivery method. After the order is processed, a delivery note is sent to the customer, determining the price, parcel number, and the time of its arrival at the desired address.