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Automation and control of the power grid are paramount, especially on an industrial scale, where all switches are gathered in one place for convenience. A smart home system also includes automation. To ensure nothing fails, we suggest buying accessories from the Hager brand. The company is distinguished by high-quality products for the household needs of individual consumers and enterprises, where you must necessarily control the operation of electrical systems and monitor the team's safety.

Purchase goods from Hager in wholesale in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

The company's products are in good demand on the European market, especially switches and modular systems. We are the official distributor and wholesale representative of hager se. We offer to buy such devices as sockets, circuit breakers, and many other demanded products for electrical networks at the store. 

We recommend choosing products from the five most popular categories:

  • Switches and sockets.
  • Complete solutions for lighting and power control.
  • Control panels.
  • Cable and wire products: cables and conductors, cable and wiring products, explosion-proof equipment.
  • Overvoltage protection systems and automation and control devices.

The flexible price policy and functional area of the warehouse (5000 m2) let us state that the Hager shop through our official distributor is a beneficial solution for the residents of the Baltic countries.

Wide range of goods by Hager with individual discounts for wholesalers

The company's wide range of products includes various electrical components and devices for electrical installations. Some of them include:

  • circuit breakers and switchboards;
  • surge protectors and retarders;
  • socket outlets and circuit breakers;
  • electric energy meters and multifunctional metering devices;
  • timers and devices for automatic control of lighting and other devices;
  • home automation systems and smart lighting;
  • cables and wires for electrical installations;
  • devices for control and monitoring of energy efficiency.

These are just a few examples of Hager electro products. The brand generally offers a wide range of goods for electrical installations in homes, offices, commercial and industrial premises. Shopping through our website will help you get the goods in the shortest possible time in bulk at the lowest prices. We do not store goods far away, our warehouse is located near, and its size allows us to supply the devices important to the modern consumer and update their availability on time. – the largest supplier of Hager in the Baltic countries

You can purchase through our e-shop, and the information about wholesale prices will appear as soon as you register as a wholesale buyer. It is easy to take advantage of our attractive offer and even easier to get a double discount. Create a customer account and make your first purchase to enjoy your personalized discount on electrical appliances.

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