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The emergence of the brand on the Polish market is mostly due to the diligence of the owners. A small family business gradually grew into a reliable manufacturer of unique goods. Today, the company can boast many achievements and continues to cross borders. Thus, the brand has gone international, and products can be bought far beyond the borders of Poland.

Kanlux – high-quality Polish lighting

The company has been producing goods for a quarter of a century, and in that time it has managed to do a lot. Entering the international market and creating interesting solutions allowed the company to gain a foothold in the top of the best manufacturers. The brand has established a reputation not only as a reliable supplier, but also as a modern manufacturer of lighting fixtures.

To join the number of satisfied customers, just explore the range of Kanlux offers. They are available at, and interested customers have to choose between purchasing products from the following categories:

  1. Interior lighting. The range includes offers with energy efficiency class A. Thanks to this, the use of the equipment does not affect the energy bills.
  2. Outdoor lighting. Lighting fixtures that are used in exterior lighting will please you with a long service life. In addition, the equipment will please you with modern design.
  3. Architectural lighting. Products from this category allow you to create an exceptional room design. Because the company monitors modern trends, in the catalog you will be able to find a suitable solution.
  4. Lighting components. Buying high-quality devices allows you to get products that have the required characteristics. To make the right choice, it is worth studying the description of the proposals.

A diverse range of products contributes to the satisfaction of each customer request. Choosing the right options is not complicated, because the brand has done an excellent job on all the characteristics of the components. Tracking trends in the field of lighting allows you to create great offers.

A wide range of Kanlux luminaires at wholesale prices and retail

The catalog contains over 170 items to suit all tastes. Studying the offers is simplified by the use of a filter system. In order to familiarize yourself with the appropriate lamps you just need to specify your requirements for the product and choose one of the proposed options.

Work on expanding the range has touched not only on the creation of an attractive appearance, but also on the improvement of the characteristics. The product catalog presents items that meet the basic requirements for the equipment:

  • wide functionality;
  • high rates of light output;
  • long service life.

The best sales leaders will make it easier to find your options. You can find them on the website. It is worth taking the time to study:

  • ceiling lamp;
  • table lamp;
  • pendant lamp;
  • Spot equipment for the bathroom;
  • Kanlux led.

More options from the Polish manufacturer can be found on the pages of the catalog. Rest assured: there will be no difficulties.

How to order Kanlux lamps at

It is easy to place an order for lighting fixtures at The company is the official distributor of the brand, therefore it guarantees low prices for wholesale and retail customers. To do this you just need to follow the recommendations:

  • add the goods to your shopping list;
  • get acquainted with the results of preliminary calculation;
  • write to a consultant at [email protected].

You can make a request when you buy equipment worth 50 euros or more. A wide range of products in stock and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers are included. Wholesalers can contact the manager at 

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