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New technologies are becoming more in demand every day. Therefore, high-quality products at a low price are in demand in the field of transmitters, antennas, and other communication equipment. Kathrein is a German brand specializing in the production of electrical goods. Branches of the factory are located in the Baltic States. Founded in 1919, the company launches products used in various fields.

Electrical equipment and accessories from Kathrein in bulk

In addition to producing antennas, the firm sells communication systems, including base stations and Wi-Fi equipment. These products are used in various applications, including different types of communications and even transportation systems. 

The company's products include such assortment:

  • antennas of various types;
  • hermetic boxes;
  • spectroanalyzers and instruments;
  • cables;
  • mounting brackets, grounding, and others.

The equipment is available throughout the European territory. Still, the online store lampa guarantees the most favorable prices and, with hundreds of items from world-class brands.

How to buy Kathrein goods at an individual price at 

The company is the brand's official distributor and offers to buy antennas for radio and TV broadcasting and specialized antennas for cellular operators, Wi-Fi networks, transport systems, and others. Capacious warehouse, large assortment and democratic prices allow consumers to balance between quality and cost.