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An exclusive and global manufacturer of electric light fixtures has won customers' hearts not only by its quality but also by its democratic prices. The company is the largest developer of lighting fixtures and fittings for lighting various rooms in the Baltic States. During its long years of work, Ledvance has implemented many successful projects of any complexity based on the customers' requirements.

The German brand does not stop at one achievement. On the contrary, it regularly upgrades its processes, releasing the market lighting products of the premium segment.

Quality lighting from the German brand Ledvance

The world leader in the industry of lighting products offers a unique and effective solution for domestic and industrial users of Ledvance led products. All models are made of quality materials, which increases their service life. The demand for goods from the German brand is growing every year, and you should get acquainted with the range in detail to appreciate all the advantages and the availability of products of the premium segment. marketplace sells Ledvance global goods in such categories: 

  1. Interior lighting lamps. Devices with economic power consumption are ideal for those who want to get a budget-friendly product of high quality.
  2. Exterior lighting. Outdoor lighting fixtures with a stylish design, long life, and an easy way to connect.
  3. Exclusive lighting equipment. According to the latest technology, you will find products to equip a stylish and modern room.
  4. Additional accessories and light accessories. Ledvance Osram offers other lighting accessories, for example, sockets, switches, etc. 

To make the right decision and buy quality products, you should get acquainted in detail with the technical characteristics of German brand products.

Ledvance's range of luminaires and bulbs

The company has a wide dealer network, where the result of a team of professionals is sold in more than 150 countries. The brand offers its consumers a choice of products, which are divided into:

  • street lamps;
  • floodlights;
  • spot lights;
  • led Ledvance lamps.

All types are as reliable as possible, manufactured using modern technology, considering the consumer's current needs. These factors have allowed the company to take a significant place in the global lighting market. 

As for the bulbs, they can be LEDs and smart bulbs. You can choose them in the online store, guided by the technical characteristics of the goods when buying.

How to order Ledvance products at wholesale prices at

There are exceptionally favorable conditions for customers who purchase lighting products at wholesale prices. Osram Ledvance guarantees their goods, as Led products are manufactured according to international requirements. 

To make a purchase, you need to:

  • form a list with the number of bulbs and fixtures;
  • confirm the order;

If you want to become our client, you need to send an application for registration to the company manager at the contact email address.

The website has a minimum order amount that you need to consider when making a purchase. However, bonuses and discount offers are available to all customers. Receive goods with a delivery service and use quality lighting products every day.


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