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The Legrand brand of stylish lighting fixtures and accessories is trendy today in European countries. The French company, a manufacturer of sockets, switches, and lighting fixtures, takes care of the quality and appearance of its products, offering customers various non-standard solutions. Thanks to the right approach, the manufacturer has successfully promoted its products on the international market. 

Legrand - original brand products from France

The new Legrand lamps and accessories are durable and beautifully designed. In addition, each model has a unique appearance and technical features. As a result, the company manufacturer creates reliable products and has a significant customer demand for its brand. 

If you want to buy modern lighting equipment, check out its offer. You can easily find these products on the website Here you can choose from several categories of products: 

  1. Lighting fixtures for indoor use. Most of them use less energy and are suitable for less expensive applications.
  2. Outdoor luminaires. Lamps for outdoor applications are durable and aesthetic. 
  3. Interesting design solutions. This class's products will help create a unique interior for your room. You will always find options meeting current trends. 
  4. Elements of lighting systems and accessories. Excellent quality sockets, switches, and other accessories allow the customers to choose solutions that fully meet their expectations

It would be best first to study the product's description to ensure it does not disappoint you. The variety of models is excellent, which means that every purchaser of can find everything he needs. There is detailed information about each product on the page of the site. In addition, all products are carefully selected based on current market needs.

A wide range of lamps, bulbs, and other products from Legrand at wholesale prices 

It's always better to buy from reliable and responsible suppliers. catalog includes many modifications of Legrand products. The visitors can use filters to search for convenience. Enter the desired characteristics, and the system will offer you products with these properties. The most interesting for customers of the service today are the following types of Legrand products:

  • Legrand Valena LED lamps;
  • Legrand IN*MATIC LED lamps for illumination of sockets;
  • Legrand standard block - 2 front sockets;
  • Legrand premium swiveling block - 3 sockets;
  • Legrand on-off switches. 

Cooperation with our b2b portal has several advantages. The company is the official distributor of the brand. We sell products at the lowest wholesale prices. We have a 5000 m2 warehouse for storage of the products. In addition, we offer the widest assortment of goods in high demand in European countries.

How to order Legrand products on      

There is a convenient order form on the site, especially for wholesalers and retailers. Customer needs to:

  • include the desired type of product in the list;
  • get the total amount of the order/

If you are a new client and want to register on the portal, inform the manager about the need to open access to the address: [email protected].

For the purchase of products there is a minimum order amount, which you can see in the terms of cooperation or on the website. In addition, we offer profitable discounts and a large selection of new, quality products to our loyal customers.  


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