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Products of this well-known European brand today delight their customers with trouble-free operation. The German manufacturer began its activities in 1935. Entreprises and organizations whose activities are related to the start-up and subsequent operation of units and systems are the buyers of its wiring equipment. Numerous design advantages and favorable prices distinguish Mennekes brand products.

Mennekes wholesale catalog from the largest supplier in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

Mennekes brand products are all kinds of objects of the electrical industry distinguished by individual performance requirements and unique construction. The catalog of this manufacturer's products and equipment includes:

  • industrial connectors and connectors in various configurations;
  • sockets, combinations of sockets and plugs;
  • plug products;
  • power switches;
  • accessories for sockets and much more.  

In addition to the above products, the company manufactures equipment for recharging points for electric cars. Mennekes products are always tested for usability, durability, and longevity before being sold. Each product is certified according to current standards. 

Mennekes products with individual discounts for wholesalers

You can buy Mennekes equipment at a bargain wholesale price that meets the market's needs. You may do so in the internet store offers a wide range of universal products by this well-known German manufacturer.   

All the products have these advantages without exception:

  • perfect quality;
  • ability to work under extreme loads;
  • durability and high strength;
  • favorable price that meets the needs of wholesale customers. 

You can quickly find any product in the site's catalog. All items are conveniently placed by categories. A detailed description and quality photo accompany each model. The proposed equipment is characterized by reliability. Their good performance indicators are suitable for the majority of consumers.  – the largest Mennekes supplier in Baltic states

The website officially distributes all Mennekes products. Only the newest modifications of the equipment are available here. The goods are stored in a warehouse, where all the rules and regulations for storage are strictly observed. The storage area is 5000 m2. The company is distinguished by its favorable pricing policy for customers. We are ready to answer all your questions. You will quickly find what you need using the Mennekes catalog. 

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