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The activity of the Polish brand started with a small assortment. Today, the company has significantly expanded its range and has established itself as an excellent manufacturer of lighting equipment. The variety of styles, product quality and availability in Europe and the Baltic States speak in favor of choosing Novodworski lighting.

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It is quick and easy to choose suitable products from the brand's catalog. You can do this by contacting the company's official distributor in Latvia. You can get the required devices not only in the Baltic States: delivery is carried out to Europe by several transportation companies.

It is possible to highly appreciate the range of lighting. It is due to the fact that Novodworski offers modern design options for its customers. So, customers pay special attention to:

It is not difficult to purchase these and other goods. Registering an account allows you to form orders and receive favorable bonus offers. In addition, the distributor has a warehouse with an area of 5,000 square meters. The conditions for proper storage of catalog items are created here.

Storage service, deferred payment and other options are available to regular customers. You can contact a manager for help in selecting devices. Customers who have registered an account receive a discount on the first order.