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OBO Bettermann

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Obo bettermann is a German company that has come a long way to its current success. The brand has been endlessly improving and applying new technologies through continuous development. In 1952 the company developed a metal anchor with a special design that greatly simplified the installation process.

A team of ambitious professionals did not stop and continued to engage in new developments, offering quality products on the market. New products are created, and existing products are improved. The systems from Obo bettermann allow professionals to make the work more convenient and the installation more efficient. 

Products from Obo bettermann: high quality proven by time

All the company's developments are conventionally divided into three areas of application:

  • industrial installation (cable support, connection, and routing systems, fixing materials);
  • building structures (cable management systems, trunking, and support devices, underfloor systems, and underfloor applications);
  • safety installations (surge protection, external lightning protection, insulation, cable ties, fire protection ducting, etc.). 

Each of the products has been tested and meets all stated characteristics. 

Wholesale catalog of products Obo Bettermann from the largest supplier in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Wholesale customers will find the necessary products in the right quantities at website. You can see information about the technical characteristics of each article on the product card. It is very convenient for wholesalers because they will immediately know the number of products in the package, box, and pallet. – the largest supplier of Obo Bettermann in the Baltic countries

The company operates in the European, Baltic, and other markets, which allows us to serve as many customers as possible. Delivery is made depending on the chosen method:

  • Standard - one of the most budget-friendly ways, and it is the most common. You can track the parcel and know the expected date of delivery;
  • Express - the order arrives as quickly as possible, and there is a possibility of pallet delivery this way;
  • Pallet delivery with the number for tracking - reliable delivery from trusted suppliers;
  • Self-delivery - customers can come and pick up their order or send their delivery service. 

You can find prices for each service on the company's website at: It is important to understand that the cost for each customer is calculated individually. It all depends on weight, size, and location. Pricing policy b2b helps set a minimum price for delivery. Shipment is made to any part of the world, allowing all customers to enjoy high-quality products. 

There is a separate pricing policy for Latvia, which is also available on the website. The service is free for residents of Riga.