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The German brand is popular in the lighting products industry thanks to advanced solutions and the availability of products. An extensive range of certified products is one of the company's advantages. Every consumer can choose the necessary products from Osram lights on the website of the official distributor of lighting devices in the Baltic States.

Wholesale of OSRAM electrical equipment at

The products issued by the German manufacturer have earned the attention of specialized companies and ordinary consumers. The firm's success went quickly enough, and now every OSRAM lamp is famous for reliability and durability due to the impeccable reputation of the manufacturer.

Wholesale buyers of lighting products trust the distributor The assortment of the platform contains a lot of equipment necessary for quality work. Buying goods wholesale also has several advantages:

  • the possibility of obtaining professional advice from specialists when registering at;
  • an elaborate loyalty program for new and regular customers;
  • the possibility of discussing the delivery of ordered goods at the client's discretion.

In addition, the site provides an advanced filtering system, ensuring a quick search for the right items. The customer only needs to enter the product and its parameters and find it among the vast assortment. Also, all products are divided into groups, simplifying the search. Browsing through the list of products quickly becomes a pleasure.

Wide range of OSRAM lamps at wholesale prices

Every customer can easily access the OSRAM catalog. To do this, visit the distributor's homepage and select the appropriate brand. Then, a list of possible offers will open in front of the buyer. Consumers can choose from the following:

  • energy-saving lamps;
  • lighting fixtures;
  • ballasts;
  • light control systems;
  • LEDs;
  • sensors for the automotive industry.

But these are not all the products that the German manufacturer can boast. You can find an extensive list of lighting and electrical products at optimal prices and promotional offers on the distributor's website.

How to buy Osram lamps at

Many stores, sellers of electrical equipment, and other specialized organizations can order goods from OSRAM at wholesale prices. Everyone who passes the registration procedure can join the loyalty program. To do this, you must:

  • send a request to create a profile;
  • discuss the situation with the manager;
  • complete the verification;
  • receive the agreed discounts.

It is possible to order lamp OSRAM in a few clicks. Managers recommend using the "In stock" filter to get information about the contents of the huge size warehouse with the required products. As soon as the items are placed in the cart, the system calculates the total cost of the selected goods.

Customers discuss the rest with the management individually. Prepayment is made at the first order, and you can get more favorable conditions for the following purchases. Shipment of goods is made immediately after payment, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. Delivery of goods is possible throughout Europe.

You can also agree with the manager to store the ordered products in the warehouse of the official distributor. Such measures will help to accumulate the right amount of goods and send them immediately to the agreed point. It will also allow saving on delivery. Employees of provide information about retail orders on the online platform.


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