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Peha by Honeywell

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It is essential to install high-quality equipment for electrical systems not only in large enterprises but also in homes. You should buy the goods from a reliable manufacturer, such as the German brand Peha by Honeywell, to solve the safety issue and provide the house with electricity.

Electrical equipment Peha by Honeywell wholesale on

The world manufacturer of security and automation systems, Honeywell acquired the company Peha, which led to the creation of the brand Peha by Honeywell. This partnership combined the engineering capabilities of both companies.

The store offers a large selection of products from this manufacturer at optimal prices. The site is a distributor on an official basis, so democratic prices and wholesale prevail. Thanks to a spacious warehouse, which can accommodate many products from the supplier, it is easy to meet buyers' needs from different regions of the Baltics.

Customers can choose from the following products:

  • sockets and switches of different shapes and configurations;
  • dimmers and timers;
  • motion sensors and much more.

The brand is famous for its innovative solutions in the field of smart homes. It allows users to control and manage their home from anywhere in the world.