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The company Philips strives to make the world a better place and not to harm the environment while using innovative technologies. The priority of the brand is to develop an energy-saving system that will help to adopt new standards of artificial lighting.

The company develops systems of lighting this brand, which are used in different areas - indoors, including homes, offices, stores, hotels, schools, industrial plants, hospitals, and in outdoor lighting, in particular residential complexes, public places and sports facilities. This brand also offers light for people on the go, providing them with safe lighting on the road, that is, for cars, and street lighting.

Philips – electrical equipment from manufacturer in wholesale in Latvia

Energy saving systems implemented by the manufacturer allow consumers to evaluate all the advantages of innovative developments in this area. Energy saving technologies have become available, combining professional answers with ease of implementation.

The Philips bulb catalog contains the following products:

  • halogen;
  • LEDs;
  • fluorescent;
  • incandescent;
  • energy-saving.

Since the company's formation, inventions and innovative technologies have been an effective tool in its work. They help make everyday life better. "Intelligent and simple" - this is the principle that guides the brand in its activities.   

Philips lighting led differs from the products of other manufacturers by its special technological and design solutions. The company has separate divisions, which are engaged in LED lighting, provide professional solutions for business purposes, lighting fixtures for home use. The products are certified for use in the country.

A wide range of Philips lamps at wholesale prices

The website offers a huge range of Philips lighting catalog. The devices can be purchased at wholesale prices. There are good discounts for customers.

Some of the most popular products are:

  • MASTER TL Mini 8W/840;
  • Halogen MV Click 19.0W G9 230V CL 1CT;
  • LED T8 600mm 8W G13 CW 1CT/4;
  • Corepro LEDspot 3.5-35W GU10 827 36D;
  • Corepro LEDspot 730lm GU10 865 60D;
  • MAS LED ExpertColor 5.5-50W GU10 927 36D.

Lighting equipment of this brand has a lot of advantages. Products are characterized by high quality. They pass several stages of control, which guarantees reliability in operation. Lighting systems based on Philips lighting professional devices do not need expensive maintenance.

How to buy Philips light bulbs at

The company specializes in providing complete solutions for creating lighting systems. The products at affordable prices are delivered to the specified address. Goods in the b2b platform are presented in a solid assortment. Customers have an opportunity to choose lighting devices with the characteristics required for the specific task.

If you need to make a wholesale purchase of lighting fixtures, the first thing to do is to look at the catalog and decide how many products to buy. Having determined this, it is necessary to send a wholesale request to the manager. After checking it, he will say whether there is in stock what you need. The company gives the green light to delay payments. The period can be from 15 to 60 days.

Once the invoice is paid, the warehouse staff collects the order, waits for logistics, and ships the items. Requests can be submitted offline or online, and you can order goods throughout Europe. For example, it is possible to use the platform. The ordering process for lighting Phillips is as simple as possible for customers. You shouldn't have any problems with this.


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