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The Siemens company is known to the general public for its cell phones, smartphones and electrical household appliances. However, few people know that one of the important activities of the company is the production of medical and low-voltage equipment. A significant percentage of the released goods for sale is occupied by the segment of measuring devices, electric meters and circuit breakers. The range of the German manufacturer is quite large. Direct cooperation makes it possible to sell Siemens Lv goods to the inhabitants of the Baltic States at a minimum cost.

The German concern Siemens is one of the oldest companies in the world. Its history began in 1847, when German military engineer Werner Siemens had to think about opening his own business due to family circumstances, and it all started with inventions.

Low-voltage equipment, motors and other equipment from Siemens 

Some of the main areas of production include the following:

  • electrical appliances, including household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and so on;
  • electronics;
  • power equipment, including motors and low-voltage appliances;
  • medical equipment
  • lighting devices;
  • specialized developments for individual branches of economy. 

The Group's headquarters are located in Berlin and Munich, and its branches are situated all over the world. In particular, Siemens Latvija.

How to order Siemens products at wholesale and retail?

Online store is the official distributor of branded products in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Direct deliveries allow you to set the best prices, and individual discounts are available for wholesale buyers. The platform sells various types of electrics. The most relevant products for today are: 

  • Delta Iris - 1- and 2-key switches, intermediate switches, and push buttons. 
  • Delta Miro - electrical fittings in different colors.
  • Delta Natur - sockets/switches, fittings with natural wood design.
  • Delta VitaSiemens - frames for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sockets, inserts for frames.
  • Time digital timers for a week in minute steps.

Today, we have the lowest prices for wholesale, there is a large warehouse (5000 m2), designed for a wide range of consumers. The most popular products are always available. The largest range of products in the Baltic States is presented on the website. Flexible pricing policy allows us to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding customer, and you will find only positive feedback about the quality of electrical products.


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