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The quality of German goods is impeccable. Let's focus on the world-famous brand Spelsberg, which began its ascent to the top as far back as 1904. The company gradually introduced new technologies, moving from cast iron products to plastic ones, using innovative machines and other technological equipment. Now, the company produces moisture and heat-resistant enclosures and junction boxes, sockets, and other equipment that is used indoors and outdoors.

Spelsberg - original electrical components from Germany 

Residents of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have appreciated the quality of Spelsberg gmbh's goods, so they regularly go to the website of the official distributor,, and make wholesale purchases. It is unsurprising because the online platform offers democratic prices for quality German goods. A large warehouse capacity of 5000 m2 allows you to purchase products for a wide audience and any needs. Indicators affecting the high level of production:

  • adherence to international quality standards;
  • product testing and thorough inspection of mechanisms before launching the product;
  • brand recognition and proprietary technology;
  • a well-established quality management system at all stages of production.

The manufacturer started as a family-owned piping factory but has gradually developed into a global supplier of the highest-quality wiring products.

How to order Spelsberg products wholesale and retail on

The independently developed testing and verification methods allow us to produce only certified, good-quality products for many consumers. The catalog offers a wide assortment of items in stock. High-quality photos and descriptions contribute to faster choosing the necessary products.

The most important principle of the company is the use of quality raw materials and components. Spelsberg's catalog contains solutions in different price categories for tasks from domestic to complex systems in construction, production, and industrial facilities.

The key activities of the brand are:

  • Enclosures for modular devices.
  • Low-voltage distribution cabinets.
  • Electrical enclosures and junction boxes.

Today, the corporation supplies products worldwide, uses the huge scientific potential for new developments, develops, and deservedly occupies leading positions in its industry. 

Pricing policy allows setting the minimum delivery cost in the store. Discounts attract many wholesale buyers. Shipping is carried out anywhere in the world, allowing all customers to use high-quality products.