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Viko by Panasonic

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VIKO is a Turkish brand engaged in the manufacture of electrical products and has been operating since 1980. In a short time, the company has become a leader in the European, Asian, and African markets. Contributing to the development of technology has led to the creation of high-quality and innovative products. Nowadays, the viko by panasonic brand is produced in factories in different countries, including Turkey, Germany, and Poland. Latvia's residents can buy this brand's products on the website of the online shop

Viko brand products wholesale in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

Goods of the Turkish company have great demand and receive positive feedback from customers in European countries. It is certainly due to the high quality of products, which are based on many efforts of specialists and their experience. The products are distinguished by:

  1. A wide range, among which you can find different solutions for every taste.
  2. Original appearance - each product is individual and unique. The goods are made in a minimalist style and have an attractive design.
  3. Durability - products are carefully tested and monitored so that users can get only the best products. The availability of certificates confirms the high quality.
  4. Comfort in use - users can install the products in the most comfortable position. The developers of the model have thought out everything to the smallest detail. Design features and installation methods allow you to mount outlets and switch to ensure comfort in use.
  5. Loyal price - the cost will pleasantly surprise you. The manufacturer has combined high quality and original design without overpricing, making the products available to users with different income levels. Against the background of competitors, panasonic viko products are affordable, high quality, and stylish.

All the advantages mentioned above make the brand popular on the market. Products are in high demand due to the ideal price-quality ratio. You can buy any goods from the catalog wholesale in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. 

Large selection of products from Viko with individual discounts for wholesalers 

Outlets and switches are installed at the final stage of repair. Buying high-quality products and considering whether they match the interior design is important. Now you can purchase viko outlets for every taste.

You can find various viko panasonic brand sockets and switches at the company's website Wholesale customers can order online and get it delivered to any region of Latvia.  

How to order products of Viko brand at and get a personal discount?

Wholesale customers have special offers available. To place an order on the site, you must register as follows:

  1. request an account on the site; 
  2. complete the form with the required information;
  3. send a request.

The manager will contact you and give detailed information about discounts, bulk purchases, delivery, and payment methods.