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The German company Wago first introduced the design of spring-loaded terminals in 1951. Today, it is known as the manufacturer of popular wire connectors. Small terminals for junction or patch boxes are in high demand. Electricians have long noted that German Wago terminal blocks are safe, convenient, and reliable. You can buy them online using our b2b platform.

Reliable German lighting Wago at wholesale prices

The terminals of the specified brand have a wide range of applications:

  • lighting and ventilation systems;
  • overvoltage protection devices;
  • transformers and converters;
  • electronic equipment and power supplies;
  • almost any kind of household appliance;
  • special industrial cables and wires.

These terminals are considered universal. All this is because you can use them even in conditions of constant high voltage. The latest series of terminals are designed for a rated current of 353 A and a voltage of up to 1000 V. Due to these parameters, Wago terminal blocks can even be used in mechanical engineering.

The largest Wago warehouse in Latvia - personalized prices for wholesalers

At, you will find a wide range of products from WAGO. Everyone who has set itself a goal will be able to choose a suitable variant. The following products are available:

  • measure rail LPW;
  • Test Probes for cables;
  • DALI Multi-Sensor Kit;
  • S-Cable 753 A4ES;
  • Cloud 100 License Points Online activation;
  • Wire Clamps Set + ferrari 575 GTC;
  • Cloud Building Operation and Contro Pro 2 1-ph.

There are two types of terminals from the German manufacturer - disposable (series 773) and reusable (there are several series, the most famous is 222). In recent years, reusable terminals are gaining popularity because it is more convenient to operate them. Wires are inserted into the terminal and fixed with a copper spring.

How to order Wago products at wholesale?

It takes a couple of minutes to place an order. You can do it from any device. Wholesale customers can count on good discounts and promotions. The first step is to request to open an account. The company's representatives consider the request in a short time.

It is worth implementing a wholesale request through email or via the platform. The manager will check whether the necessary products are in stock or will have to make additional orders, and the client will be informed about this. Next, a firm employee and the customer agree on the price, delivery, and terms. After that, the prepayment account is written out. Proven customers have the opportunity to postpone payment for 15-60 days.

When the bill is paid, warehouse workers collect the order, wait for logistics, and ship the goods. Delivery is possible throughout Europe. In wholesale purchases, there is an option to make repeated orders and keep the goods in stock. It is done to save on shipping costs. When a certain amount is accumulated, the employees send everything at once. You can also see on the site in the virtual catalog if the product you are interested in is in stock.