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The famous Weidmuller offers high-quality electrical equipment to consumers in the Baltic States. Despite the affordable price, the products are characterized by original design, durability, and long service life. You can buy any Weidmuller product in bulk at a favorable price on the site The website has a pleasant interface and easy navigation. The electronic catalog offers a wide range of items with photos and descriptions. 

Equipment from Weidmuller wholesale in Europe

High-precision tools manufactured by the German brand are widely used worldwide.

The Weidmuller eshop catalog contains various items: 

  • cable crimping tools;
  • cable strippers;
  • tools for cutting;
  • equipment for metal perforation;
  • connectors and splices;
  • accessories and others.

The products are certified, characterized by reliability, and provide consistently high-quality processing. Weidmuller guarantees the functionality and durability of the tools. The products are perfectly combined with all modern devices.

Order Weidmuller electrical equipment at an individual price at

The online store is available regardless of your location. Consumers from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania can purchase the best positions. First, you need to register on the official website - Weidmuller distributor. The order form contains fields that must be filled in. The name and number of units of any item are specified. After completing the registration, you will receive a call from a company representative to clarify issues related to delivery. 

Various products from different categories, including Weidmuller tools, are stocked in a vast warehouse area (5000 m2).


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