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Devi by Danfoss

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Devi electrical materials at wholesale prices

The Danfoss company is known for producing materials and components for automobiles, machinery, and construction. Now it presents its new technological solution. We are talking about Devi by Danfoss - modern developments for high-quality electric heating. They will provide complete comfort indoors and safety outdoors (snow melting, anti-icing systems).

Thanks to Devi's new products, the negative impact on the atmosphere is reduced. Modern solutions are environmentally friendly and safe. In addition, they are inexpensive.

Heating cables and other equipment from Devi in bulk

There are already dozens of types of products in the manufacturer's catalog. First of all, these are heating cables. They can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. They are most often applied to construct new houses or during reconstruction. Customers will also find the following in the catalog of this manufacturer:

  • Heating mats. They are usually thin, so they are almost invisible. It is possible to ensure the functioning of the floor heating system thanks to the mats.
  • Self-regulating cables. They are used to maintain the set temperature. The use of cables is more favorable compared to a circulating system.
  • Programmable temperature controllers. They help to optimize the available resources. Moreover, it is convenient to control them through a mobile application.
  • Analog thermostats. These unique control units allow you to set the type of heating system and adjust the regulation parameters.

All of these products are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Customers will always find proven appliances and current novelties on There is a vast selection of affordable products from Devi.

Buyers can find everything to create a complete electric heating system at home. Discounts are often applied to the goods, which will help you save additional money.