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The German brand Jokari is one of the top manufacturers of handheld assembly tools that are used today for working with cable products. The company produces high-quality precision tools, unique plastic injection molding machines and innovative solutions for the design and manufacture of assembly products for different customer needs.

There are about 40 types of Jokari tools, accessories and spare parts in the range. It is a profile tool for fast, easy and precise processing of conductors and cables of various types.

Why to choose Jokari products

The official distributor offers its users the best prices for quality products of German quality, which:

  • are manufactured according to the latest technologies;
  • is characterized by impeccable quality;
  • is tested in our own research center;
  • complies with international standards;
  • is carefully controlled at all stages of production.

Everyone can find in the company's catalog the tool he needs to solve certain tasks.

German assembly equipment from Jokari

The brand produces the following types of tools:

  • products for stripping and removing insulation from round cables;
  • cable installer's knives for cable work;
  • pliers for removing insulating sheaths;
  • for working with conductors used in computer technology, electronics, telecommunication networks and information transmission.

A special feature of Jokari tools is that all knives are coated with titanium nitride, which is a thin film. It makes the products wear-resistant, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

How to order Jokari products on wholesale and retail?

To buy a knife, pliers or any other tool on, you need to follow some simple steps. Place an order by selecting the desired items and wait for a call from the store manager. Detailed description of each product with photos will help you to make a quicker choice. Discuss all the details. Then the service of the supplier will pack your purchase and send it to the address you specified.

Pay attention that the store offers various promotions and favorable offers regularly. You can find detailed information about ordering, discounts and delivery on the distributor's website or by contacting the hotline.