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The history of Knipex trademark began about 150 years ago, when German craftsman Carl Gustav Putsch opened a small forge in Kronenberg, where pliers and later some other types of hand tools were made. Today, Knipex Latvija and other Baltic States and Europe-wide factories produce several hundred types of pliers and other tools, which are characterized by the highest quality and functionality.

Knipex – reliable tools wholesale and retail on

The company's products are in good demand on the European market, especially tools and anti-magnetic devices. We are an official distributor and wholesale representative of Knipex. Note that it is important for a good technician or electrician to have on hand different types of designs, depending on the situation (breakage or repair work). We offer to buy such products for installation and repair in store as: 

  • Pliers with insulating handles.
  • Screwdrivers with indicators.
  • Scissors for cables of different thicknesses.
  • Universal knives.
  • Wrenches and many other popular products for the electrical network. 

All working tools are tested and designed for specific purposes. For example, knipex tools for stripping wire ends do not have wire cutters and only fulfill their direct function. 

Knipex tools catalog on with personal discount for wholesalers

We offer you to buy through our online store! Information about wholesale prices will appear immediately after you are registered as a wholesaler. Create a buyer's cabinet and make your first purchase to be able to use a personalized discount on electrical appliances.

You can buy items for different types of work in online store:

  • for cable insulation removal: pliers, tweezers, shears, cutters, knives, strippers, etc.;
  • screwdrivers: phillips screwdrivers, for slotted head screws, internal hexagonal screwdrivers;
  • pliers and cutters for electronics: precision, gripping, side, antistatic, etc.;
  • pliers: plumbing pliers, adjustable pliers, pliers for crimping, for clamps with lugs, carpenter's and pottery pliers, etc;
  • tools with safety fasteners: side cutters, extended pair of pliers, long pliers, wiring pliers, etc.

Buying through our website will help you get the goods in the shortest possible time in bulk at the lowest prices. We do not store goods far away, and our warehouse with a capacity of 5000 m2 is located nearby. Its size allows us to deliver there the fixtures that are important for the modern consumer, and to update their availability in time.