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Nordlux is a Danish company that produces lighting fixtures. The factory was founded in 1977. The peculiarity of the brand is the design of the devices, which inspires people to use maximum lighting. Devices combine simplicity and elegance simultaneously and look harmoniously in almost any interior. 

Denmark has its traditions based on a passion for comfortable lighting. Chinese production creates exclusive fixtures in demand in different countries using global technology. The products have the following advantages:

  • excellent quality of all components;
  • exclusive design;
  • unique functions and features;
  • ease of use;
  • affordable pricing policy.

The company's products are used in more than 50 countries, and their yearly popularity is increasing due to constant modernization.

Types of Nordlux fixtures

The brand is constantly evolving, improving the quality of products, and expanding and upgrading production capacity. The company offers its customers a vast selection of lighting fixtures:

  • ceiling and pendant luminaires;
  • chandeliers;
  • sconces and floor lamps;
  • table lamps and others.

Each product has a unique design.  It attracts the attention of those users who appreciate brevity and sophistication in the interior at the same time. Each appliance retains the qualities of the Scandinavian style, which is famous worldwide. 

Nordlux – original lighting fixtures and other products in bulk at

The site has a wide range of lighting fixtures and other products. You will find the following in the catalog:

  • electrical parts;
  • cables;
  • installation materials;
  • sensors and much more.

You can order any items from the catalog in bulk. New developments with improved characteristics are on sale. You can keep track of new additions in the company's catalog.

It is recommended to use filters for ease of use. You can find any information in the individual blocks. Consultation is provided by contact phone number or e-mail address. Specialists will help you choose devices according to your needs. 

Nordlux products at with a personal discount for wholesalers

Favorable terms of cooperation are offered to wholesale customers. Personal discount allows you to buy high-quality goods profitably. All information is presented on the site  You will find an exhaustive list of lighting fixtures from Nordlux light brand in the catalog. The "Hot Offers" tab offers discounted products for more significant savings and benefits. 

The products can be returned or exchanged if the conditions specified on the website are met. Also, customers can order delivery, which is very convenient. The cost of the option is calculated individually. The minimum price is 10 euros. The service will be free if you live in Riga and have made a purchase for more than 500 euros.