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For 50 years, the Austrian company has been one of the leaders in producing industrial connectors, switchgear, and sockets. Automated production helps to make quality products quickly and in large quantities. PCE products include more than 12 thousand items. The goods comply with high European standards and are designed for single-phase and three-phase power networks. Power, cable, and industrial plugs and sockets are easy to install and can withstand high loads.

Electrical components wholesale from PCE in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Residents of the Baltic States highly appreciated the company's products, so they often turn to the official distributor,, for purchases. It is unsurprising because the online store offers the best prices for Austrian products. Indicators influencing the high level of production are the following:

  1. Compliance with international standards.
  2. Testing of products in own laboratory.
  3. In-house developments.
  4. Use of the latest technologies and methods.
  5. Quality management system at all stages of production.

The manufacturer is engaged in the development, manufacturing, design, and production of its products, which allows him to control compliance at all stages of production.

The company's catalog offers a wide range of items in stock. Thanks to the quality photos and detailed descriptions, the selection and purchase process is not complicated.

Products with individual discounts for wholesalers

These products are available for wholesalers on Thanks to the 5000 m2 warehouse, most items on the site are always in stock. The most popular items are:

  • Plug 16A 3P (PCE 513-6) V/A;
  • CEE-wall mounted plug 32A;
  • CEE-wall mounted socket 16A.

You can find detailed information about the products on the website. Use the "In Stock" button to understand which products are available to order now. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the ability to filter products, customers can detail their search and focus on their needs.

The distributor finds an individual approach to each customer and offers personal discounts. the largest PCE supplier in the Baltic countries

You can get a personal discount only after registration on the e-shop website. Then, the manager will check the provided information and offer to use the bonus offer. The discount has a certain validity period, so use it as soon as possible to avoid losing it. The store regularly offers customers to take advantage of various promotional offers. In addition to good bargains, regular customers can expect deferred payment and storage of their order in stock for a certain time. You can find detailed information about cooperation and discounts on the distributor's website or check the hotline.