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Purchasing electrical equipment characterized by high reliability is a necessity for many consumers. In such a case, you cannot do without products manufactured by the Austrian brand Tridonic. Proven online platform Lampa.Lv allows residents of the Baltic States to buy any of the company's products in bulk at an affordable price and on favorable terms. It is easy to place an order, as each position in the catalog has a description and photos.

Electrical components from Tridonic wholesale in Europe at

The range of electrical goods from the famous brand includes:

  •  LED modules and drivers;
  • emergency lighting sensors;
  • sensors, controllers, control actuators;
  • related accessories.

The Tridonic products are fully certified, confirming their reliability and durability. Users can place an order on the website from anywhere in the Baltic States using a smartphone. Registering and entering the number of copies of a particular product is necessary. Later, the manager gets in touch and clarifies the order's nuances. The 5000 square meters warehouse contains many products from leading brands, including Tridonic.