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The famous brand Eltako specializes in producing high-quality electrical equipment at an affordable price. The main characteristics of the products are original design, durability, and long service life. The Baltic residents can buy any Eltako products in bulk on the online platform on favorable terms. An electronic catalog contains a lot of positions, which are accompanied by a description and photos.    

Electrical equipment from Eltako at wholesale prices on

Goods produced by the famous company have found application worldwide. You can find the following items in the Eltako catalog:

  • wireless remotes;
  • switches;
  • relays;
  • sensors;
  • dimmers;
  • electric meters;
  • thermostats.

Each product has an appropriate certificate confirming its reliability and high quality. Eltako products are also fully compatible with modern buildings and premises.

You can buy electrical appliances anywhere in Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia if you register at You need to fill in the order form fields and enter the number of copies of the required Eltako products. After placing an order, you should wait for a manager's call to clarify the details.